College Classics #10

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

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College Classics #10
Pupils Hobson and Clarke are summoned to do extra carpentry classes by Mr. Curtis who has asked the Senior Prefect to stay behind and keep her eyes open for any trouble from the “two naughtiest girls from St. Lukes.” They are persistent offenders who take advantage of any situation to cause trouble at the college.

Mr. Curtis leaves the woodwork shop, leaving the Senior Prefect to supervise. Clarke and Hobson try to take advantage of the situation, but the Prefect is not fooled. She tells them that she has full permission to discipline them, and uses it by bending them over the bench for spankings.

Mr. Curtis interrupts the discipline session and after hearing about the difficulties, proceeds in spanking and teasing the girls in a forthright manner. The Senior Prefect did not have his authority to discipline the girls and is also subjected to Mr. Curtis’ wicked hand. This is not the end of it though. In fact, it is a mere preliminary to a severe caning for the lot of them while they are nude. Great camera angels show the mastery with which Mr. Curtis uses the cane.


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