Lessons in CP – Does it Hurt?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Lessons in CP - Does it Hurt?

Lessons in CP – Does it Hurt?
Part 1 Lessons in CP
There are times when young ladies have to be on the dishing out side. But they have to learn their trade like anyone else. This video is about a very special academy for young ladies, specialising in training them to be experts in the administration of corporal punishment. But of course they must know how it is going to feel. Hence they are put through their paces, to experience a hand spanking, the tawse and of course the cane. Three very attractive ladies start this course, but only two finish!

Part 2 – Does it Hurt?
Maisie is caned in the punishment room by Anne in the last of a string of canings for wearing jeans to college, a budding rebellion curbed. Anne returns to the common room. Mary and Corrine, two young teachers, discuss how tough Maisie is as both have had to caned her as well. Then they begin to exchange their own spanking experiences. Finally, they wonder if they could take what Maisie took. Anne offers to cane them
they rise to the challenge. So they all go off to the punishment room to see if they really can take it! Now they know what they will be dishing out in the future!


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