Waitress & Gangsters

Friday, June 27, 2014


Waitress & Gangsters
This film is a brand new genre. It has everything
a strong plot, great acting by the entire cast, severe punishment. It is erotic, it has the overtones of a darkness rarely seen in a CP video. To cut it short, it’s a winner and I’m proud to have it wearing the “Nemesis” lable. The scene is set in a club, owned and run by a gangster.

He has a huge deal going down. So when his associate turns up, all is being done to make him welcome, even giving him the waitress that caught his eye to amuse himself with. So imagine the chaos when she is told to dance, which she does, but slaps him when he makes a grab for her. The owner is absolutely furious, the deal almost goes bottom up, but instead the waitress does. The newcomer is invited to punish the poor girl
he does, with vigour. When he has finished, she thinks it all over, but oh no! Now Jack Palmer, the owner truly makes her pay for her innocent mistake. Over the knee spanking, on all fours, then the paddle, which has her in tears..still not satisfied, he canes the poor lass.


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