Space Girls!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Space Girls!

Stars: Pixie, Ashley Fires, Chelsea Pfeiffer

Released: 2006

Get ready for something like you’ve never seen before!

This is a break-through video, not only for Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment, but for the entire genre. This is such a special production we had to set it apart: We’ve created a new series, CPX for Chelsea Pfeiffer Extravaganza!

With a carefully crafted script, expert camera work, diligent editing, super special effects, an original film score, scintillatingly sexy costumes, skillful acting and ATOMIC SPANKINGS, “SpaceGirls!” is so far above and beyond it’s out of this world. This isn’t just a video, it’s a spanking MOVIE!

Skyla and Starla, played to blonde, bubble-bottomed perfection by Pixie and Ashley Fires are spacegirls from the planet Callipygios where spanking is the form of sexual expression…and they’re very OVER-SEXED! They’ve come to Earth because they heard that Earth people practice something called “discipline spanking”, which they understand to be very intense. In search of sexual adventure, the spacegirls soon find themselves in a whole heap of trouble.

Agent 00X, played by Chelsea Pfeiffer, tracks down, captures and ultimately gives the runaway spacegirls not only the discipline spankings they so richly deserve, but a couple of “twizzlings”, as well!

Don’t miss this exciting video!

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House Rules

Monday, December 19, 2011


House Rules

Stars: Ashley Fires, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Samantha Woodley

Chelsea agrees to let her niece, Samantha, live with her while attending college, with one stipulation — all house rules must be obeyed. Chelsea knows how busy the life of a young college girl can be and how the influence of new friends can introduce new, and possibly unpleasant, habits.

The House Rules were very simple. Aunt Chelsea expected the house to remain tidy. She expected Samantha to keep reasonable hours and to let Auntie know her whereabouts. And, most of all, Chelsea insisted that there was to be NO SMOKING IN THE HOUSE.

But one evening, while Samantha sits with her friend Ashley, discussing what movie they might like to see, Ashley pulls out her cigarettes and lights up. Without even thinking about the fact that they are lounging in Aunt Chelsea’s living room, Samantha joins her friend in a smoke…or two.

As soon as Chelsea returns home, she smells trouble. Smoke is about to start a fire – on naughty Samantha’s bottom! As Ashley looks on, Chelsea marches Samantha into her bedroom for a sound spanking and a firm handed lecture about the importance of house rules.

Meanwhile overcome by curiosity, Ashley sneaks down the hallway to peek through the cracked bedroom door. Ashley is astonished. But when she sees Aunt Chelsea take Samantha’s jeans down to punish her kicking and complaining niece on her panty-clad behind, something in Ashley is awakened. As Chelsea takes down Samantha’s panties and spanks her on the bare skin, Ashley unconsciously reaches down her belly and begins to play naughty.

Later that night, wicked little Ashley talks Samantha into play-acting the spanking once more, “just for fun”. Coyly, Samantha allows Ashley to play “auntie”.

When Chelsea returne home from dinner with friends, she can’t believe the sounds she hears coming from the bedroom. Could those two mischievous girls really be spanking each other? For fun?

Chelsea isn’t the only one surprised when she walks into the bedroom and catches the girls just as Ashley was beginning to tickle and soothe Samantha in a most erotic fashion! Chelsea knows only one cure for this kind of behavior!

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Sunday, September 4, 2011



Stars: Gia, Ashley Fires, Asia, Chelsea, Julie Simone, Stephanie Locke, Samantha Woodley, Eva Barton

In “Spankorama” the stories run continuously and in all the full beauty of the original digital recording. So, now, you can see the perfect, clear picture and hear the clean audio you’ve come to expect with our spanking movies. Even if you have already seen these clips on our members’ site you’ll enjoy revisiting them in their full rosy glory.

The first story is entertains with a little holiday fun: Ashley Fires is an impish elf who ties-up, the stuffed animal Christmas toys she’s supposed to wrap-up to load on Santa’s sleigh. When Mrs. Claus catches Ashley in her naughty elf mischief, she delivers a Christmas Eve spanking the little elf won’t soon forget!

Story 2, also featuring Ashley, is a sensual tale of erotic spanking play between the sizzling, sexy blonde and Chelsea. Enticingly dressed in exquisite lingerie, Ashley is not shy concerning her exhibitionist tendencies! Ashley and Chelsea have a delicious sexual chemistry, as seen in the scenes they’ve done together. This was the first discovery of that special relationship.

Stephanie Locke punishes naughty Gia for taking her stern mistress’ credit card without permission. Ms. Locke is known world-wide for her talents as a disciplinarian. She does not disappoint in this scenario.

Gia is again spanked, but this time as a charming Valentine’s Day dalliance. Gia and Ms. Locke had a steamy chemistry between them, which we decided to let play out for the benefit of themselves and, of course, all of you.

Eva Barton is a skilled spanker, too! She demonstrates it well on the hapless behind of the beautiful Julie Simone in a “day at the office” story where Julie is a careless secretary.Julie returns the favor, but with a more sensual flare when she and Eva meet again. The two gorgeous women play their sexy best!

Asia gets it from Chelsea for breaking a valuable art object. Asia’s lithe form and firm bottom are a treat for the eyes as she is thoroughly spanked and then paddled.

Asia gets drunk and you can just imagine how angry Chelsea is upon discovering the young beauty passed out in front of a nearly empty bottle of booze!

The awesomely lovely Samantha Woodley is spanked…and CANED after donning a bikini and then posing and preening lewdly in Chelsea’s front yard. The punishment is severe, but certainly earned.

Samantha is back over Chelsea’s knee when she comes home from a date so late that it’s the morning of the next day and Chelsea’s getting ready to leave for work!All in all, you get 8 women in 10 stories…it’s wall to wall spanking with lots of exciting variety!

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A Dicey Situation

Wednesday, August 24, 2011



A Dicey Situation

Stars: Ashley Fires, Asia

Ashley and Asia get together often to play their favorite dice game. This time, Asia loses the first roll and has to be spanked first. (She always seems to lose the first roll!) To begin the playing, she rolls all five dice to determine how many minutes she’ll be hand spanked. She rolls a whopping thirteen minutes! After her searing hand spanking, poor Asia rolls again and wins herself an eleven minute paddling. Asia bravely endures throughout her paddling, even when the last stinging smack brings water to her eyes. So, when it’s finally Ashley’s turn to be spanked, Asia can’t wait for the roll of the dice. Ashley rolls sixteen minutes of hand spanking.

This pleases Asia, but Ashley isn’t so sure. Ashley, however, imp that she is, ends up enjoying her hand spanking as much, or maybe even more, than Asia… Asia is baffled as to how to handle this situation. Soon however, sixteen minutes of hand spanking are finished and it’s time for Ashley to choose her implement and roll for more spanking minutes! Her implement of choice? A large wooden hairbrush!

Is this naughty sex play? For sure, this video features a more cozy, intimate spanking style and Ashley and Asia, absolutely charming in their lacy, ruffled bikini panties and even more charming nude, warm up to their little dice game very nicely!



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