Super Spanking Revue 4

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Super Spanking Revue 4

Stars: Mary Jane, Catherine De Sade, Snow Mercy, Zille DeFeu, Kid Dynamite, Nikki Rouge, Joey Moffat, Ms. Venus Divine, Duncan DeFeu, Eve Howard, Kat St. James, Sophia Locke, Dani Hunt, Sophie Nova, Mila Kohl, Heather Green, Sybil Hawthorne, Lena Ramone, Dia Zerva, Tom Byron, Greta Carlson, Keith Jones, Madison Young, Stevie Rose, Paris Kennedy, Amber Rayne, Clare Fonda, Rucca Page, Amy Hunter, Butch Simms, Steve Fuller, Lawrence Selden, Cheyenne Jewel, Sarah Gregory, Alex Reynolds
Shadow Lane consistently delivers world-class spanking fetish videos, and this is your chance to check out the cream of the crop! Our Super Spanking Revue #4 is available now. There’s male-on-female and female-on-female spanking, so your desires can be met no matter what you prefer.

Each of the following stars appear on this compilation video: Alex Reynolds, Amber Rayne, Amy Hunter, Butch Simms, Catherine de Sade, Cheyenne Jewel, Clare Fonda, Dani Hunt, Dia Zerva, Duncan Defeu, Eve Howard, Gretta Carlson, Heather Green, Joey Moffat, Kat St. James, Keith Jones, Kid Dynamite, Lawrence Seldon, Lena Ramone, Madison Young, Mary Jane, Mila Kohl, Ms. Venus Divine, Nikki Rouge, Paris Kennedy, Rucca Page, Sarah Gregory, Snow Mercy, Sophia Locke, Sophie Nova, Steve Fuller, Stevie Rose, Sybil Hawthorne, Tom Byron and Zille Defeu.

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Sinn & Paris

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Sinn & Paris

Sinn with Paris Kennedy

Sinn seduces Paris in her sexy spanking lair. Soon the two are lost in each
other and their erotic spankings!
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No Ifs, Ands – Just Butts! 3

Saturday, June 30, 2012


No Ifs, Ands – Just Butts! 3

Stars: Courtney Chambers, Kristie Imboch, Shawna Lake, Dia Zerva, Sybil Hawthorne, Snow Mercy, Nikki Rouge, Alexandria Panos, Kat St. James, Sophia Locke, Sarah Gregory, Cheyenne Jewel, Mary Jane, Erica Scott, Madison Young, Darling, Amanda Morrison, Paris Kennedy, Marnie Reeve, Traci Greer, Susan Mills, Tyler Fallon
Asses are ripe and ready to go. Ladies who love being submissive peel off their bottoms to let their fannies show. While placed over a knee, they get a nice hard spanking. Paddles, hands, canes, flogger and whips alike are used to teach these babes a lesson. To bad for the dominate participants because their submissives love getting their asses tapped.

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No Ifs, Ands – Just Butts! 2

Sunday, November 27, 2011


No Ifs, Ands – Just Butts! 2

Stars: Kailee, Katherine St. James, Zille DeFeu, Juno Albright, Catherine De Sade, Bailey Sullivan, Dia Zerva, Leia-Ann Woods, Cheyenne Jewel, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Rucca Page, Clare Fonda, Amber Rayne, Paris Kennedy, Madison Young, Sarah Blake, Nikki Rouge

Featuring just the female bottom close up action from 22 exciting spanking scenes.

Presenting the 2nd in our series of video compendiums focusing strictly on the rear view angles of lovely ladies getting spanked. Each segment begins with a brief look at the spankee’s face, then plunges directly into the close up bottom cheek action from 22 separate scenes. This collection showcases: British glamazon Amelia Rutherford’s aristocratic bottom being reddened by Keith Jones
blushing Bailey Sullivan sternly disciplined by Alex Doyle
Kailee submitting her voluptuous buttocks to Tom Byron’s hard hand
Leia-Ann Woods’ trim, ballerina’s bottom smartly chastised by Keith
Madison Young’s dainty backside soundly smacked by Butch Simms, Snow Mercy’s stunning rear stringently slapped by Tom Byron
Vivacious Dia Zerva spanked and having her temp taken in her bottom by Chelsea Pfeiffer
Juno Albright receiving strict discipline from Vanny
Kailee spanked by Seth
Paris Kennedy thrusting out her gorgeous behind for Butch Simms to polish
Sarah Blake’s plump little rear lambasted by sorority sisters Dia and Lily
Kat St. James’ tiny heinie stained magenta by both Gretta Carlson and Kyle Johnson
Nikki Rouge’s perfect posterior spanked to a glow by Steve Fuller
Amber Rayne’s insatiable derriere punished and explicitly probed by Dia
Cheyenne Jewel’s athletic rear warmed by King Mattie
Clare Fonda’s curvaceous fanny tanned by Duncan Defeu
Zille Defeu’s pert seat firmly swatted, rudely spread and fully penetrated by a toy wielding Clare Fonda
Sexy redhead Catherine de Sade soundly spanked by Butch
Rucca Page’s luscious backside stung by Steve Fuller’s hand
Cheyenne spanked and paddled by both Steve and Rucca
and Dia trading hard spankings with Paris.

Whether you identify as a spanker, a spankee, or a switch, No Ifs, Ands — Just Butts lets you put yourself in their place!

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Lipstick Lesbian – Domination Xtreme – Spanking Edition

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Lipstick Lesbian – Domination Xtreme – Spanking Edition

Stars: Paris Kennedy, Dia Zerva

Act 1 – Bitch Stole My Look!
Dia Zerva and Paris Kennedy are lovers who enjoy a freewheeling lipstick lesbian lifestyle in L.A. that includes sharing a residence and a large collection of sex toys.
One afternoon, when they are about to go to a barbeque at the home of Dia’s boss, Paris annoys the hell out of Dia by deliberately wearing the same dress as the shapely blonde. Explaining to Paris that her boss is a p.c. butch lesbian unlikely to appreciate the frivolous cuteness of Paris dressing like her twinnie, Dia summarily orders her girlfriend to immediately change her outfit. But Paris is into being a little brat and insists that she will not change one thing about her look. Former marine Dia has no problem asserting herself over her adorable sweetheart and decides at once to spank the auburn haired imp into complete submission to her will.
Dia wastes no time in reddening the lusciously formed backside of her slim but voluptuous friend, turning her over her knee and spanking her hot pink. It being a sultry day in the Southwest, Dia also hastens to free Paris of not only the offensive frock but every other stitch she has on, revealing the fully naked form of her beauty and continuing to punish the naughty one on her upturned behind.
After punishment comes passion. Dia is so aroused from spanking Paris, and Paris is so turned on after being spanked rosy red by Dia, that they decide the barbeque can wait. Dia expertly straps on an eight inch phallus and, throwing Paris on her back, proceeds to possess her best friend’s throbbing honey pot with the expert moves that only an adventurous, experienced and highly sexed seductress commands at her fingertips.
Spanking plus strap-on plus vibrating wand equals explicitly sexual and genuinely orgasmic erotic discipline in both parts of this breakthrough production. The fact that these two delectably pretty and lovably mischievous ladies are really best buds in real life is what brings a heady chemistry to our most adventurous female takes female video so far.

Act Two – How The Tables Turned
The following day, Paris is fuming about Dia’s behavior at the barbeque the previous night. According to Paris, Dia spent the greater part of the evening flirting with a boy, and then disappearing with him. Smugly pleased with her own sexual power, Dia dismisses Paris’ complaints casually, not reckoning with her roommate’s displeasure, greatly magnified by the memory of the submission she was forced to give up to her blonde friend the previous day.
Paris is furious with Dia for betraying their pact to lead a pure lesbian lifestyle rather than a slutty bisexual one, and Dia only aggravates her irate girlfriend more by admitting somewhat coarsely that she still likes a penis once in a while. Of course, this results in Paris stripping Dia completely nude and smacking her friend’s trim, toned, muscular but gorgeously feminine backside until Dia is squealing with pain and discomfort. And yet, the sting of Paris’ hard, relentless hand on her tender skin is also tremendously arousing the stunning blonde.
It’s now Dia’s turn to feel the irresistible power of Paris’ sexuality. Nor does the skillful Paris hesitate to take advantage of the vulnerable state that being well spanked has left Dia squirming and panting in. Paris boldly straps on her own eight inches of virility and proceeds confidently to ravish her voluptuous friend.
Pile driving penetration from behind, combined with masterful caresses and additional stinging smacks, send Dia deep into subspace. A little later, Paris employs the strap-on in tandem with the vibrating wand pressed directly against Dia’s pulsating pudenda, to give the sensation-loving blonde the happy ending all bad girls so deserve.
Our Lipstick Lesbian series started out on the innocent side, but Xtreme Spanking Edition is both uninhibited and sophisticated in its portrayal of a hip relationship between two B&D girls who are both into spanking for foreplay and who both enjoy playing the boy. With her alpha personality, exciting spanking style and killer bod, Dia Zerva is just about everyone’s dream girl. Then we have knock out Paris Kennedy, who did her first video for Shadow Lane when she was just 21 and who has since developed into a fetish goddess with the confidence in her own beauty and power to take it all the way. This amiably delinquent duo brings a spicy tomboyish energy to this otherwise ultra feminine title that, for all its juicy explicitness, remains romantic to the end.

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Super Spanking Revue 3

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Super Spanking Revue 3
If you absolutely want to get the maximum amount of spanking action and variety per movie… Have we got a video for you!! Sha dow Lane’s Super Spanking Revue 3 A bulging collection of spanking highlights from our 33 most recent videos featuring 51 performers that will surely make an impact on you! This super spanking sampler is the perfect introduction to Shadow Lane videos, with juicy bits from our most recent productions, covering everything we’ve shot from traditional spanking to X-rated naughtiness with toys and anal penetration all the way to spanking with conventional sex, oral sex and anal sex! Meticulously edited, each video segment includes priceless moments from just about every scene we filmed between 2007 until the present, complete with action, reaction and the uniquely satisfying flavor of Shadow Lane spanking erotica. With material to suit every orientation, this compendium will enlighten novices, and thrill hardcore enthusiasts.

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